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Welcome to WoW Hardcore Casual! A site for casual players that wish to bring their skill cap to the next level. Expect to find lots of information on the best farming techniques, pvp guides, power leveling, gold making and more!

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Farming Guides

Here in the WoW Hardcore Casual farming guides you'll find all the content you need to bring your farming to epic levels! Evenlow level players can start farming in game to bring their WoW income to ever greater levels! These guides have only one thing in mind: efficiency. This is the absolute key to getting the best out of your farming experience, so we will always mention which classes, specializations and factions will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Leveling Guides

After having leveled more than 22 characters to max level, not sharing the things I have learned to boost this speed to the absolute maximium would be a crime against humanity! In the leveling guides you will find legit in game techniques (not exploits), to help you hit level cap in a flash. As always efficiency will be a priority over everything for these guides, so get your seats buckled and get ready to power level!

Gold Making Guides

Gold making is an almost essential part of the game for serious players, and can be a whole lot of fun as well. Working towards gold cap is a task that feels daunting at first, but once you learn some basics and make some headway, it becomes an entirely different meta game within WoW that you will learn to enjoy!

New Player Guides

New players often have hard times getting a solid footing in WoW, so within these guides you will find recommendations to help you bust out of the newbcap and raise your skill cap to the next level!

PvP Guides

WoW PvP is a lot of fun for so many players, but others often struggle getting their foot into the door as it can sometimes feel like a whole different world! Hopefully with these guides as a reference you'll be able to make the leap into WoW PvP a little faster and stay ahead of the curve!


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