WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Silk Cloth Farming Guide

Published: 2014-05-13, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

If you'd like a breakdown of several farming options for silk cloth I recommend you check out the guides at, they give a range of ideas for farming silk cloth fast, but I am only going to give you the absolute best option, and how to make it even better.

As mentioned on, farming Death's Step Putrifiers [level 38-40] and Death's Step Miscreations at Eastern Plaguelands is "probably" the best place to farm Silk Cloth. Well, in fact it IS the best place to farm silk cloth, you just need more than one player to do this properly.

The best way of farming silk cloth I know requires a slightly complicated setup, and can be done with a fair bit of effectiveness if you have at least one dual boxer. I know not everyone can dual box, but I highly recommend it. Please check out my article describing why you should RAF (recruit a friend) yourself and dual box in WoW.

The breakdown of how it is done with 2 players, one dual boxer. First, on my second account I use a hunter, and on my first account I use a hunter as well. Multishot makes farming these mobs extremely easy. At this location there are exactly 13 spawn points for the 4 packs of mobs. Blizzard has coded this area in such a manner that there are ALWAYS at least 3 spawns up at once, which is what we are taking advantage of.

In the larger main area there are 10 spawns, then behind some trees closer to the water there are 3 more spawn locations. I set my second hunter to camp the 3 spawns behind the trees. He stands exactly in the middle of them, I tape down his table turn key to spin him, and I map his multishot to my main hunters multishot key using HotKeyNet software. Then I simply need to spam this key which I will be doing anyhow for farming on my main hunter. Since the three side spawns will always be killed almost instantly, that means we need to cover the rest of the 10 locations. We divide them in half between my friend and I, and kill them as fast as we possibly can, pausing to loot every 3-5 minutes. The key here is to kill as fast as you possibly can, so use aoe abilities that will one shot the entire pack. My friend was on his warlock using rain of fire for one tick, hunter is probably the best option for farming here however.

Using this method my friend and I were able to farm up roughly a combined total of 100 stacks of silk cloth in just 30 minutes, which means we were making a combined total of 8k gold per hour just off of the cloth (they were selling @40g / stack on our server). We also pulled several BoE blues and a ton of greens which my friend disenchanted and sold for profits, im not sure how much he made but I believe it was around 1-2k gold, putting us at around 9-10k gold per hour, or 4.5-5k gold per hour each. Not bad, and the only reason we were unable to make more was because the silk cloth was only selling 40g / stack on our server at the time, which is rather low. We also could have been killing faster but got into a few fights with horde and were trying to fine tune our strategy as we farmed. I honestly believe this method could pull upwards of 20k gold per hour on a server with a healthy economy, or 10k gold per player per hour. Someday soon I will try it out again and report back with more accurate statistics (I have done just this, see "My last yield farming" below for more accurate statistics).

Recommendations for improved efficiency:

  1. MOLL-E - You will want to bring an engineer with MOLL-E because you will fill your bags very very quickly farming with this method, I had to empty my bags twice in just 30 minutes.
  2. Trashcan Addon - I also recommend using the trashcan addon to make a junk list for easy looting.
  3. HotKeyNet - This is an application that allows you to control multiple keyboards from one, I highly recomend it for dual boxing. The ideal setup here would be to have access to three accounts actually, but for obvious reasons most players wont ever have three accounts.
  4. Alarm Clock - Set it to ring every 3.5 minutes as a reminder for looting corpses. Generally corpses will despawn in 5 minutes if they have loot still on them.

Why farm here?:

  1. To help friends that start new players on my server to get a decent base of gold.
  2. Leveling tailors and adding transmog items to my inventory.
  3. Farming Aurora and Chief Brigadier's transmog sets.
  4. Gold farming just for myself if I can get this spot to myself and run three accounts simultaneously.

My last yield farming here with more accurate gph:

(1 dual boxer, 2 players, 3 hunters, this was a different sampling than the stats I mentioned above in the article, with more accurate recorded output)

  1. 3000-4000 silk cloth (had to lay down MOLL-E every 20 minutes to clear my 22 slot bags, it was slightly rediculous).
  2. 100-200 green / blue items, many worth between 100-1000g on the xmog market, including full aurora set x2 and half chief brigadier's set x2, these transmog pieces netted a hefty 3-5k (possibly more) over the following week.
  3. 1 epic - staff of jordan which my friend sold for 1200g very quickly.
  4. Grand Total - Roughly 15k gold / hour split between 2 people. We both used the silk to level tailoring and my friend sold the leftovers for 60g / stack which got him 6000 gold.

Optimal classes for farming this spot:

  1. Priest - Any Spec - spam mind sear.
  2. Hunter - Markmanship - best focus regen for multishot.
  3. Warlock - Destruction - unchanneled rain of fire + harvest life talent.

Optimal faction for farming this spot:

  1. Horde - A lot of alliance lowbies will try to run quests here and it can get annoying if they keep tagging your mobs. As a horde player you can just kill them, also the Undercity is the closest major city to the area, although Ironforge isn't too far away either so faction won't give you much of an advantage here generally speaking.

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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