WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - The Poor Man's Guide To Quick Cash With Professions

Published: 2014-05-27, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

We've all been there: new character on a new server, not even enough money for flying speed. Getting ganked at honor hold by bored 90's because we can't even run away with 60% mount speed. Obviously the first step to easing your way through the game and getting some cash built up is with professions! But there are so many, which ones make good money? Which ones are easy to work up?

Well, there are a number of options available for profession leveling but I'm going to give you the absolute cheapest and easiest path to the top: Alchemy and Herbalism.

Yes, it's true that there are easier professions out there to make money with, and yes gathering professions aren't all that great to begin with, but for a poor man with little time on his hands, this is a great option for a number of reasons:

Why Alchemy / Herbalism?

  1. Herbalism is easier to work up than mining, and can make just as much cash if you know how.
  2. Alchemy only requires 300 skill level for the Alchemist's flask, a nice boost in stats while leveling up!
  3. Alchemy gives you access to useful potions while leveling up: Mighty Rage potion, Wizard Oil, etc., and it boosts the stats you get from all elixirs and flasks by 32%.
  4. At max level there are some very effective AH strategies you can use to make lots of money with both of these!

So now that you know why, let's get to how! What do you need to know to raise these professions? Well, in all honesty these are the easiest professions in the game to level! You don't need a guide, just a few addons and a little knowledge about market choke points. So instead of giving you a big list of all the mats to ding you to 600, I'm going to only list the market chokepoints, and addons to help you find nodes:

Recommended Addons

  1. Gathermate2 (for finding herbalism nodes more easily)
  2. Gathermate2 Data (in the addons menu import this data via Gathermate2)
  3. TradeSkillMaster [TSM] (the best addon for making money with anything)
  4. Auctionator (the best addon for quick selling and buying with no setup required)

Alchemy Market Choke Points

(I maxed 3 more alchemists over the weekend for a grand total of 12 maxed alchemists and updated the choke point info for a little more detail and accuracy.)

  1. Goldthorn - This is the lowest level market chokepoint and the most competitive, farm this stuff asap, and be on the lookout for cheap deals! I almost never see it drop below 200g / stack on my server! This herb is really just a huge pain to farm up, this and people think it's a bigger choke point than it actually is, because the guide suggests you need about 3 stacks or so for skilling up. In actuality you only need about 10 of these to skill up (just make yellow and green recipes instead for much cheaper costs), but still it's great to gouge because people do need it.
  2. Briarthorn - This herb is needed in fairly large amounts for skilling up, and it's also an ingredient in some popular potions like swiftness potions. It's not very difficult to farm, and is a fairly easy way for low level players to make quick cash, especially when combined with mining, as the iron nodes will also give you lots of heavy stone which can be gouged for as much as 100g / stack or more. Here is a guide on farming Briarthorn.
  3. Goldclover - This is the WotLK market choke point and people need lots of it! Nobody likes to farm it because the nodes in WotLK are so far apart that unless you are a Pally/DK with 310 riding speed you are going to fall asleep at the keyboard in between nodes. This is my personal favorite choke point and I have flipped a stack of goldclover for as much as 400g before! I think you'll need a minimum of 4-5 stacks of goldclover to skill up through WotLK herbs for alchemy, which is the main reason this is a great choke point. It's also fairly volatile so you can often buy it up for well under 50g / stack then relist when the market runs dry for 300-600% price increases.
  4. Heartblossom / Cinderbloom - Again you will need this stuff to level up Alchemy from 450-500, and for some reason people don't like going to Deepholm to farm it themselves... despite Deepholm being the easiest access farm spot in the game as there is a portal in Stormwind directly to it. These are also ingredients used to make potions of treasure finding so if it's not selling high then just hang on to it for later!
  5. Whiptail / Stormvine - These are also required for leveling partway through Cataclysm, but they are secondary to Cinderbloom / Heartblossom, and are also ingredients for potions of treasure finding. These are last on the list because they are typically less effective for choke point gouging, the reason being that you will need to gouge both simultaneously as they are slightly interchangable for skill ups.
  6. Talandra's Rose / Tiger Lily - WotLK herbs in general are easy to gouge for quick cash, and just like Whiptail and Stormvine these are a combined choke point, you need to gouge both simultaneously for effective profits.

What Do I With Info On Market Choke Points?

Well, make a TSM shopping list for them of course! I recommend buying any of these markets up if they drop below 40-50g/stack then reposting them for 149-199g/stack.

For the Cataclysm choke points use what you can't sell to make potions of treasure finding, and keep an eye out for cheap stormvine / cinderbloom (I can usually grab these up for less than 20g/stack).

Ok, So How Do I Make Money With A Potion Master Alchemist?

Here are the items I recommend you sell for easy profits:

  1. Swiftness Potion (buy recipe off AH, only requires 60 alchemy so you can begin making money at level 1 with this)
  2. Darkwater Potion
  3. Living Steel (it makes money even without transmutation)
  4. Elixir of Giant Growth (buy recipe off AH) [These don't proc with potion mastery but sell well.]
  5. Destruction Potion (buy recipe off AH)
  6. Potion of Invisibility (buy recipe off AH)
  7. Potion of Lesser Invisibility
  8. Potion of Luck
  9. Potion of Treasure Finding
  10. Potion of Virmen's Bite
  11. Potion of Jade Spirit
  12. Potion of Mogu Strength

Why Potion Mastery Instead Of Transmutation?:

Ok, so here is a bit of math on why potion mastery can be better than transmutation (assuming you only have one character and no jewel crafters doing big shuffles):

Transmuters make most of their gold from: transmute living steel and transmute trillium. You can only transmute living steel once a day, and you'll get an average of 5 procs per month. Let's assume each living steel proc gives us 300g, so thats 1500 extra gold per month from transmutation procs.

If we then compare this to treasure finding potions we will find that roughly 2 treasure finding potion procs will give us 250g. Meaning we need to create and sell 60-70 treasure finding potions each month to make the same cash we would make through transmuting (although I'm not factoring in trillium procs which would add some value more value).

Golden lotus can be easily converted into potions of luck for 40-50g per proc.

Dark Water Potions give us another 40-50g per proc.

Potion of Invisibility give us another 30-60g per proc.

Now if we make 60 of each of these each month, at a 1.2 proc rate we get (40 + 40 + 30 + 125) * (60 * 1.2 - 60) = 2,820g just from the procs! Where transmutation is only making us about 2000g or so from procs. Yes, we could also turn golden lotus into gems that sell well and do other things with transmutation, but potion mastery can be just as effective and can be expanded far beyond this example here.

Making 60x each item from the full list I gave above (except living steel & giant growth elixirs) will grant you: (7 + 45 + 50 + 30 + 7 + 45 + 125 + 5 + 5 + 5) * (60 * 1.2 - 60) = 3,888g in revenue from just the procs, and roughly 23,328g from selling everything! There will be some costs (3-5k) to produce this many pots but it will definitely bring some cash flow your way each month.

So as long as you are willing to put some effort into it, you can definitely turn this into a great source of income! For me personally, I have 1 potion master alchemist, 1 elixir master, and 10 transmutation alchemist. Transmutation is great for passive income, but I believe potion mastery is the best for more aggressive gold making strategies, you definitely only need one per server though, which is why I have 10 transmuters and 1 potion master.

Other Random Tips:

  1. Best time to check for cheap trade goods is Sunday evenings and Monday mornings! Everyone farms on the weekends and they all get in big undercut wars, sometimes I don't even bother posting anything on weekends because of this!
  2. Best class for herbalism / alchemy is Paladin: they benefit greatly from the haste buff / flasks, and they can fly super fast!
  3. Use Sky Golem to farm herbs without dismounting! (Druids can also use flight form)
  4. Use the forager's gloves to farm herbs in Mists of Pandaria!
  5. If you run into an annoying to farm herb while leveling herbalism, just go farm in panadaria to build skill for a while, you can go from 1-600 skill there and nodes are very plentiful!
  6. Make TSM shopping lists and/or auctionator buy lists for all trade goods you need to make money, buy low, then craft and sell but do not buy at high rates! I recommend you do the exact calculations needed for making 100% profit or more off an item then buy at that price or less.
  7. Fishing is also useful for making money with Alchemy, so you might want to work that up too!

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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