WoW Hardcore Casual's (Wod 6.1) - TradeSkillMaster (TSM) All Items Plugin Read For Download

Published: 2015-06-04, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

Most of the WoW gold making community has fallen in love with TradeSkillMaster (TSM), an addon that allows you to take full control over your gold making experience within the World of Warcraft. The main problem people have with TSM is the learning curve can be very very steep sometimes! For myself it took me a week before I even figured out how to setup a group properly!

Due to this learning curve, and my own insatiable lust be make gold as lazily as possible, I decided to auto generate TSM auction groups based on WoW Hardcore Casual's auction data. All you need to make use of this data is to download the TradeSkillMaster.lua and TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning.lua files below, find your account in the WoW WTF directory and override with these two files. Make sure to backup your original files before doing this! Also remember that you may lose some TSM data when using these files, so be careful!

The data is seperated into three groups: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90%. This percentage means that TSM will try to sell the item within 25% of the market average, 50% of the market average or 75% of the market average, or 90% of the market average. So if you have an item worth 200 gold, and you are using the 50% group, it will sell for 100g at the minimum and 300g at the maximum. For the 90% group it will sell between 20g and 380g, so be careful which file you choose.

North American players can download below:

European players can download below:

You might wonder why you would want to use this when TSM has it's own global data available for download and you can just set your groups to %dbMarketValue, and the answer is of course: because I'm lazy! And I don't want to have to setup groups and add items to them, I just want to make gold!

For new players just getting into TSM, this is a great way to get started. Load up these files, fire up WoW, and open TSM and start your first post scan. I would advise you disable the 50g groups so you don't accidentally sell things like blacksmith hammers (this happened to me but it was an easy 50g I suppose). To do this just change the 50g group to have no sell parameters.

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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