WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Dual Boxing Guide To Getting Started

Published: 2014-05-19, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

Why Should I Dual Box?

Most players never really even consider dual boxing as an option for leveling because it sounds like such a daunting task. Believe me when I say, if you are an experienced wow player, you definitely want to give dual boxing a shot! Here is a short list of benefits you can enjoy with dual boxing:

  1. You can RAF yourself! - Many players don't realize they can RAF themselves and share all their heirlooms and BoAs on both accounts. You can also send these heirlooms across factions and have characters for both Alliance and Horde!
  2. Fast experience gains - RAF bonus exp is 300% for quests, dungeon completions, battleground wins, and killing mobs! This adds up to some very very fast leveling, and let's face it, leveling up is fun! It's possible to go from level 1 to level 85 on 2 characters in under 10 hours played (without abusing any in game mechanics)!
  3. RAF Rewards - When Blizzard runs deals for purchasing the base game for 10 dollars, you can get all these rewards even cheaper than normal. When you RAF yourself, you don't need to purchase WoD, just the base game (RAF bonus exp ends at level 85). The first month of playtime you get back for free, and if you purchase a second month on the RAF account you get a cool mount reward, so for roughly 25 dollars you can get an account full of characters level 85+ and a two seater flying mount!
  4. Group composition control - As a dual boxer it is possible to queue for instances with no healers. One of my favorite compositions is running 2 Paladin or 2 Druid tanks, this makes the leveling even quicker as you get more DPS overall in groups. Also it can give you a more challenging play style! Also, as a dual boxer, you will be able to easily 2 man any instance in the game up to max level, so if you really dislike running in pugs this option is always available!
  5. Faster farming - If you enjoy farming in game, there are many locations throughout Azeroth that can be farmed very quickly if you have more than one player! Check out my silk cloth farming guide for an example!
  6. Auction house addicts - Are you religiously checking the AH for great deals on items? Well, you can use your second account to sit at the auction house all day!
  7. Problem solving fun - The problems you face as a dual boxer will be unique to playing solo, it will force you to learn the game at a more in-depth level, and make use of many features and abilities you wouldn't normally consider!

How do I RAF myself?

  1. Send your own account a RAF invite - You can find this in game on the social window at the top.
  2. Accept the invite and apply it to a second account - This should be self explanatory on the bnet homepage.

What programs do I need?

  1. HotKeyNet - This application is amazing for dual boxing on one computer or two! (download here, key names list here)
  2. AutoHotKey - Application can sometimes be useful as well, but isn't needed if you have HotKeyNet. (download here)

What addons do I need?

  1. AutoQuest2 - One click questing! Make sure to set options for auto sharing and auto accepting! Also, hold down the shift key and right click quest npcs to talk to them normally.
  2. Trashcan - Set this up to delete all junk! Keeping your inventory clean as a dual boxer can be a pain sometimes!
  3. Healium - For easy healing, dispells, resurrections, etc. I use this on heal tanks like Gaurdian Druids or Protection Paladins. It makes heal tanking much easier and I would recommend it even for non-dual boxers!

Recommended 2 Man Compositions:

While any 2 man composition is viable for dual boxing, some will always be easier to play than others. As a general rule of thumb I avoid dual boxing caster specializations that require long cast times on their spells, simply because having them on follow makes it difficult to maneuver and dps at the same time. The exception to this is if you are going to dual box both accounts as casters, for example Mage / Mage or Warlock / Warlock would be easier than Paladin / Warlock or Warrior / Mage.

  1. Hunter / Hunter - This is a great combination of double DPS, with pets that can tank for you! I recommend trying this first because it will help you get used to dual boxing without having to worry about tanking or healing in instances. For my first combination I tried playing as Protection Paladin / Holy Priest, and this proved to be very difficult for me to handle because I was overwhelmed with trying to tank and heal at the same time. After some experience a setup like this will be trivial for you to play as, but starting out I recommend you take things one step at a time.
  2. Protection Paladin / Restoration Druid - There is no easier composition to play than this for dual boxing a tank and heals at the same time. The reason for this is simple: easy mode macros. Using the following macro on your Druid, you can keep the entire group healed with just two buttons:

    /castsequence [target=party1] Rejuvenation,0,0,0,0
    /castsequence [target=party2] 0,Rejuvenation,0,0,0
    /castsequence [target=party3] 0,0,Rejuvenation,0,0
    /castsequence [target=party4] 0,0,0,Rejuvenation,0
    /castsequence [target=party5] 0,0,0,0,Rejuvenation

    This will hot every member in your group with Rejuvination in order. Then add one more hotkey to cast Swiftmend on your tank, and you can heal instances with ease! (check out my guide to macros for more easy mode macros!)

    Then, set your Paladin up with the Healium addon, and pump all his generated holy power into heals for the group where needed!
  3. Gaurdian Druid / Protection Paladin - Use your Druid to tank and setup your Paladin to cast word of glory and sacred shield on the Druid, you'll be unstoppable. This group will work best if you play as the Paladin and tank with the Druid on follow. This way you can emergency heal group members easily on the Paladin!
  4. Protection Paladin / Protection Paladin - Yet another powerful double tank composition. Your main Paladin can heal the group and the backup Paladin can heal the main Paladin. I actually just finished leveling a 4 man team of Protection Paladin / Protection Paladin / Survival Hunter / Survival Hunter to level 85 this week, it went very quickly once I got the setup down correct and was a lot of fun!

Well, that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed the article and good luck in your dual boxing adventures!

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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