WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Guide to Gearing For PvP Fast

Published: 2014-05-15, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

On the forums I see a post about what people should do to get geared for pvp fast almost every other day, so I decided to go through the process and lay down a template for PvP gearing quickly in MoP. Note that this isn't the most fun way to gear up, but it will be extremely fast I promise.

Before getting started here is a FAQ regarding PvP gearing for players that have never done this before:

  1. Q: Is my high level PvE gear better than honor gear?
    A: No, it is not. Your gear will be scaled down, you'll have no bonus resilience from trinkets, and you'll have much lower pvp power. The only exception to this is for world PvP, in which case top end PvE gear is better than top end PvP gear. Blizzard has announced that this will change with the release of Warlords of Draenor however, and PvP gear will always be the best for all PvP situations.
  2. Q: Should I get honor gear before conquest gear?
    A: I personally think you should get as much conquest gear as possible first, even if it requires you to pay for arena 2v2 carries.
  3. Q: Should I only queue for dungeons, or should I do bgs?
    A: Depends on your gear, at the start I would say queue for dungeons, but after your gear begins filling out, queueing for bgs certaintly won't hurt!
  4. Q: What (conquest) gear pieces should I get first?
    A: Shoulders, Chest, Weapon, Trinkets, Helm, then everything else. Many players are tempted to grab easy items like rings, bracers, necklaces and cloaks because they are cheap and give you an overall ilvl boost more quickly, but the big ticket items are far more powerful with better sockets, enchantments, and bonuses. Also, beyond being better gear per conquest point spent, the celestial world bosses do not drop Shoulders, Chest, Weapon, Trinkets, and Helm, so you are increasing your chances to grab bonus loot each week buy buying these pieces first! Also, for honor gear it's often best to grab the gloves first, because they give many classes valuable bonuses!
  5. Q: Do I need professions for PvP, which ones are best?
    A: Only if you enjoy winning. Tailoring / Engineering are by far the best for PvP, with exceptions for classes that require stacking secondary stats like warriors, haste based casters, and most especially crit dependant boomkin, which Jewel Crafting / Blacksmithing *might* be a better option for.
  6. Q: What addons should I get for PvP?
    A: My top suggestions for PvP addons: LoseControl (for CC chaining), Gladiatorlossa (for tracking cooldowns audibly), Battleground Targets (for setting target / focus and scouting enemy players before the battles start), Capping Battleground Timers (for calculating strategy more effectively), BG Defender for calling out defense status without voice chat. If you have never used an addon before, I recommend downloading the curse client and managing your addons with it. It's very self explanatory.

Step 1: Trade Skills

My recommendations for trade skills for PvP are very simple:

  1. Humans - Tailoring 600 / Alchemy 305 - Alchemy is a great easy way to grab stat boosts at max level for minimal investment since you only need 300 skill level to create the Alchemist's Flask, which grants you 320 points in your primary stat. Tailoring is simply great for adding additional burst into the mix, I believe you only actually need 450 skill level to access the embroideries which grant you burst procs. I recommend taking it to skill level 600 however, because the last 150 points of skill are the easiest to obtain, and it will give you access to some easy money making options as well.
  2. Non-Humans - Engineering 600 / Tailoring 600 - Engineering is simply the best PvP profession in the game: rocket boosters, goblin glider, synapse springs, etc. And the reason I recommend you max trade skills BEFORE you start getting PvP gear is because with the goblin glider you can snag one extra level 535 gear piece of your choice for free, which will help you get to your end goal much faster, and you need maxed trade skills if you want to reach your max effectiveness anyhow.

Step 2: Karasang Wilds Rares Quest Line (45 mins)

For Alliance:

  1. Run the quest line "Meet the Scout" (granted by Lyalia) up to the point where your faction builds it's base Lion's Landing(quest starting location below).

  2. After completion, head to domination point and start looking for the three rares: Kar Warmaker, Muerta, and Ubunti the Shade (spawn locations below).

For Horde:

  1. Run the quest line "Meet the Scout" (granted by Sunwalker Dezco) up to the point where your faction builds it's base Lion's Landing(quest starting location below).

  2. After completion, head to lion's landing and start looking for the three rares: Dalan Nightbreaker, Disha Fearwarden, and Mavis Harms (spawn locations below).

You will be able to earn roughly 750 honor each day killing these rare spawns, which is a very nice boost indeed.

Step 3: Tol Baraad and Wintergrasp Queues (1 hr)

  1. Grab an addon like Tol Barad Master to help you keep track of queue times. Often for Tol Barad if you miss the queue by even a few seconds on a high pop server then you won't get in! And it grants you a minimum of 500 honor even without the quest, so it's well worth it. It grants 800-900 honor with the weekly victory quest turn in.
  2. If you didn't get a Tol Barad queue pop (and especially if you are a Mage because you can port to Tol Barad), you can wait at the edge of Tol Barad and run into the battle field 5-10 seconds before it ends, and you will get roughly 200 honor despite not being queued for the battle!
  3. I recommend running Wintergrasp at least once a week, and follow it up with a 25 man heroic Vault of Archon run (skip the ice orb boss if you are undergeared). With all three quests turned in and completing a solo VoA heroic 25 man, this will give you roughly 1200-1300 honor!

Step 4: Random Dungeon and Random Battleground Queues

  1. For tanks and healers queue for dungeons, because you will get fast queues and can farm justice points quickly! After you get 4000 or so justice points, convert them to honor in your factions captial city!
  2. For DPS I recommend queueing for both battlegrounds and dungeons. This will increase your queue pop rate and battlegrounds are actually more efficient for honor farming if your faction is on a win streak! One suggestion for increasing your win rate is to make an oqueue group for random battlgrounds, and set the minimum ilvl to your current ilvl. This way you can group with similarly geared players and obtain some control over your groups composition.
  3. Continue checking honor rare spawns after each battleground or dungeon and kill them when you find them!

Step 5: Weekly Celestials (30 mins)

  1. First, grind out 50 lesser charms of good fortune, I do this by simply farming black prince rep in the burning way area on timeless isle. It only takes a few minutes.
  2. At your faction's base in the Vale of Eternal blossoms, turn these 50 charms of lesser good fortune in for 3 warforged seals. Use these seals for bonus rolls at the celestials each week.
  3. Second, open your friends list and go to the raid tab. There is an interface here to queue for a celestial group, which makes the process fairly painless (see sample below).

Step 6: Crafted 522/550 Gear (10 mins)

  1. For those of you with money to spend, I recommend getting outfitted with epic 522/550 gear for helm, leggings, boots, and belt if you don't have something higher level already. High level PvP is very competitive and even having some PvE gear will help make the process go more quickly.

Step 7: Pay For Arena Carries (1 hr)

  1. If you can find a player that will carry you for 100-150g per win, with free wins being free, take the offer up fast! I recommend doing this first actually, at least until you get the pvp weapon. Recommended gear selection order: shoulders, chest, then weapons, as these will give you the highest stats / conquest point spent.
  2. You'll need 42 wins exactly to get these three pieces of gear, and this should cost roughly 4000-6000 gold for the carries, which is well worth its value in my opinion.

End Results

In total this entire process (excluding dungeons, random bgs, and trade skill maxing) should take you roughly 2-4 hours of work, and you will end up with the following gear pieces:

  1. 550 Prideful Pieces: Chest, Shoulders, Weapon (7500 conquest points)
  2. 522 Grievous Pieces: Trinket, Trinket, Bracers, Necklace, Back (7750 honor points)
  3. 535 Burning Chest Piece: Ring
  4. 522 Crafted Gear: Helm, Boots
  5. 550 Crafted Gear: Belt, Leggings

I actually took my friend through this entire process (slowly) and we were able to complete his gear set as detailed above in roughly 4 hours of work! So I believe it is possible to accomplish this much faster!

Looking for more great info on PvP? Check out my top 30 useful PvP macros guide! Cheers and good luck!

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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