WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Top 3 Arena 3v3 Troll Comps

Published: 2014-05-21, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

Have you ever wanted to run an arena comp that was just all about having way too much fun? Well here are my top 3 favorite troll comps for 3v3 arena matches!

Rhino Cleave - BM Hunter x3

This comp is all about knockbacks! And nothing says knockback other than Rhinos. A few hunter friends and I ran this comp once and the lols could be heard from miles around! Imagine the look on that warrior's face when he runs out of charges and leaps but still keeps getting knocked back! It's glorious! My favorite moment running this comp was powershot pinning a disc priest against a wall. We held him mid air for a full 10 seconds and ended up winning the match simply due to well timed knockbacks!

Key Points:

  1. Use a Rhino pet and create a macro for the knockback ability. Rhinos are found in the Borean Tundra.
  2. Take the powershot ability for a second knockback.
  3. Use the explosive trap glyph for a third knockback. Remember that AoE knockback effects cause the target to become immune to AoE knockback effects for 10 seconds, so you won't be able to chain explosive traps like you can the rhino knockback and powershot!

Echo Cleave - Elemental Shaman x3

The key to running this comp effectively is for all 3 shaman to simultaneously burst in unison. For this reason I recommend you all take the ancestral swiftness ability, and immediately pop all cooldowns and instant cast lava burst: flame shock, unleash elements (with unleash elements talent), pop CDs, lava burst.

You won't have a lot of CC available, but the burst in this comp is so incredible that there might be nothing your opposing team can do to stop it. If you catch them in bad positioning for even a split second you can turn your match into an easy win. Plus all three of you have great healing you can resort to so the opposing team is unlikely to get any easy kills straight off the bat.

Key Points:

  1. Ancestral Swiftness talent for synchronized burst, best to wait till all three of you have free lavaburst procs up, then you can hit one target with 6 lavabursts + elemental overload procs all in the span of 1.5 seconds. With some luck this could add up to 12 total lava bursts which could be over 1 million damage within the span of a single global cooldown. The only way for the opposing team to counter this much damage is to literally hide from you or with a well timed immunity like paladin bubble.
  2. Get flame shocks up on as many targets as possible, purge your kill target, use your healing totems to buy time for the kill setup.
  3. Drop three Fire Elemental totems right away and get them all on the same target, perhaps putting them on an off target would be best to fake the enemy out.

Avenger Cleave - Retribution Paladin x3

As with Echo Cleave, the key to this comp is synchronized burst, and with a group of retribution paladins the good news is this is even easier than it is on a group of elemental shaman! The bad news is that the healing output for this team will be weaker than the shaman, as totems can be dropped once and forgotten about but Paladins need to continuously drop heals once they've built up anough buff stacks. Also, this team is not quite as bursty as Echo Cleave, but you have better ways to remove CC and keep the group moving and in action.

Key Points:

  1. Make sure you all take the Holy Avenger talent, this is incredible if used in unison with other cooldowns and synchronized.
  2. Stack mastery rather than haste. Many Retribution Paladins stack haste in an effort to build holy power more rapidly, but this comp relies on killing within the 18 second Holy Avenger window, building holy power in this time frame is trivial since all abilities will grant 3 holy power rather than 1. For this reason I recommend mastery over haste.
  3. Take the Execution Sentence ability rather than Holy Prism and time this ability in unison with your teammates!
  4. Use your paladin bubbles offensively to stay mobile and confuse your opponents, take the Glyph of Divine Shield and use it for healing and removing debuffs. Make sure you have a '/cancelaura Divine Shield' macro to remove it quickly.
  5. For this comp you should try ignoring the DPS and focusing down the healer first except when facing a Monk. Stagger your stuns to keep the pressure high. Two of you might want to take the Evil is a Point of View talent for fearing an off target.

Well that's it for now! There are plenty of arena troll comps out there that can be quite fun to play but these three are my personal favorite as they will make for some truly hilarious moments in PvP.

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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