WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Guide To 2v2 Arena Carries

Published: 2014-05-23, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

Hey guys, have you ever thought about running carries in arenas for fun, for money, or just to help out a friend? Well, here is my guide to arena carries, hopefully you can find out what works great for you!

In this guide you'll find what classes I recommend running for effective carries, strategies you can use to carry more effectively, and the general process itself..

My Favorite Classes For Carries:

  1. Feral Druids - I rank Feral Druids #1 because they the only viable carry class with insane self healing, stealth, and high burst damage, and even some CC, no other class in the game has all of these rolled into one. As a Feral Druid your main focus should be downing one target as fast as possible, because if left in a 1v1 situation you will win 99% of the time assuming skill level and gear levels are equal and you started at equal health.
  2. Windwalker Monks - Windwalker Monks have a similar playstyle to Feral Druids and can be played to a similar level of effectiveness. Feral Druids having stealth gives them a nice advantage for the element of surprise however, which I believe is very useful for running effective carries.
  3. Beast Master Hunters - This is probably the easiest class to carry with (maybe not the best but the play style is easy) for a few simple reasons: 2 trinkets to break CC, and multiple instant cast CCs of your own, while carrying other players the only thing you really need to worry about is other high ranked players running carries. With multiple instant cast CC at your disposal, and 2 trinkets of your own, there isn't going to be much an opposing team can do to stop you (except Feral Druids of course).
  4. Unholy Death Knights - Death Knights are amazing carries simply because they have both incredible defense and offense all in one package. Similar to how afflocks play, their strength lies in their ability to apply across the board pressure to enemy teams, but unlike afflocks they don't have to cast or use cumbersome mechanics to accomplish this, and fight well under pressure themselves!

You may be asking why are these are my favorite carry classes? Well, in the past 2 months I have run roughly 1000 carry matches on a max geared BM Hunters. Honestly, pretty much all I do for PvP these days is arena carries, I've only made one or two short lived attempts to build up a decent rating this season.

I win roughly 80-90% of my carry matches, and the only classes that I consistently lose to are other carries by Feral Druids and Unholy Death Knights (Monks less so but I rarely fight carry Monks, when I do they are usually very difficult matches). I do occassionally lose to other carry classes, but the instances are so few and far between that I can remember every single loss to them. Ferals, WW Monks and UDKs however have painted my memory with many many losses. I've gotten better against them recently but they are beyond a doubt the hardest classes I go up against as a Hunter.

Now this isn't to say you can't carry with other classes, so don't get all hot and bothered because I didn't mention your class in the list. I have run into some real nasty players of all classes and specs! Everything from a Fury Warrior that destroyed me during a stun lock to an Elemental Shaman that globalled me in full Prideful (yes... I got globalled in full 550 Prideful gear by a shammy once... it was one of those moments...), but on average I feel these classes are the strongest for carrying weaker / undergeared players, mostly due to their burst pressure, consistency, easily accessible CC, ability to continue under heavy pressure, and generally defensive nature.

Strategy Outlines For Carries:

  1. Feral Druids - As a Feral Druid your main focus should be downing one target as fast as possible, often the weaker target first, because if left in a 1v1 situation you will win 99% of the time assuming skill level and gear levels are equal and you have a reasonable amount of health. There will be exceptions to this for example you wouldn't go for a Ret Paladin with 260k hp and let his full Prideful Frost Mage partner free cast on you, but generally speaking, if you can burst down an easy target without dying in the process, that's what you do.
  2. Windwalker Monks - Similar to the above, a Windwalker Monk should focus on downing weaker targets first or targets that will distrupt your burst with CC. I find that Monks who play very very defensively against me are beyond a doubt the most difficult. Constantly rolling away behind pillars, LoSing, killing pets repeatedly while constantly replenishing their own health, this is the playstyle that will frustrate your opponents and make them want to throw their keyboard against the wall.
  3. Beast Master Hunters - Stay stealthed at the begining of the match and bait the enemy team by telling your carry partner to wait in the starting gate and pretend to be afk. If he is a healer get him to roll hots on himself and stand in aoe healing. Either this or have him mount up and run like hell. Open up with immediate CC on your off target with wyvern sting, then trap immediately afterwards as you burst down your target. Position yourself outside the starting gate with line of sight on your carry partner, but LoSing the enemy target that will be CCing you.
  4. Unholy Death Knights - As an Unholy DK you're strongest assest is the amazing burst and dot pressure you can build. You should focus down the more difficult targets first but spread your dots to the off target as you do this. You should instruct your carry partner to drop snares, roots and stuns on your main target, and LoS when he is getting focused. The only DKs that ever win against me while carrying in 2s, always have a partner that drops some form of CC on me, and they always keep maxed dots rolling on both targets. This pressure makes it very hard for me to do anything and I will lose to a DK 1v1 if I can't manage to kite him to some degree.
  5. General Strategy - The one big mistake players make both carrying and fighting carries, is going for the weaker target first. The only time I recommend this ever is if you are playing a team that can recover defensively, and for Feral Druids when the situation calls for it. For myself and most other carries, I recommend you try to focus down the more geared / skilled target first. Many people find this counter intuative.
  6. Tank Carry Strategy - Every now and then you'll have to carry a tank, and the strategy for them is slightly different for stealth classes. I suggest you let them get beat to within an inch of their life before ever popping out of stealth. The reason for this is they might be able to force your opponents to blow key cooldowns. I will wait nearby stealthed and hope their frost mage drops a deep freeze or their warrior pops his burst, etc. Many players will think, well I guess his partner is afk might as well just drop everything on this guy and get it over with, but if they do it will cost them the match. Tank carries used to be the most difficult for me but after adopting this strategy I started winning almost 100% of my matches with tank carries. It was amazing how much of a difference a little patience makes. Since they've already blown their CDs they won't be able to DPS you down, AND they have to decide if they should stay on the tank at 20% health or swap to you! If you come out of stealth immediately they will always swap straight to you, and with all their CDs up and a partner with tickle DPS you don't stand much of a chance.

How To Carry:

  1. Step 1 Find a partner - Find someone to carry! Announce in trade or general that you are offering carries. Start low (around 100g per win or so) if it's your first time or even run them for free at first. This will help you get a foothold on things without taking advantage of people.
  2. Step 2 Drop rating - Find the right rating bracket for you. Instruct your partner to leave queue pops for arenas at first, after dropping your rating down a few hundred points (or more depending on where you're starting), try a few matches out and drop more if needed. Be careful not to drop your rating too low or you might hit what I call the "hard carry" bracket. Where you will face nothing else but extremely geared carries, and this bracket might be tough for some people to get out of because you might also be facing the same teams over and over again.
  3. Step 3 Get paid - My advice is to take money at the start of each match if the previous match was a win. Once you've built up some trust maybe arrange to take money every 5-10 wins. Often people will just pay me in advance, and I refund a portion of their money if I don't make it through all the matches.

Common Carry Mistakes:

  1. Targetting / Tunnel Vision - In 99% of the matches I lose, the opposing team targets me first rather than my partner. I actually found out carrying people with rez sickness is sometimes easier than carrying people at full health, simply because it will cause the opposing team to target them by default. I always know when I'm fighting experienced players because they switch to me immediately without even thinking about it as soon as I pop out of stealth.
  2. Wrong Spec - I have seen so many Death Knights try to carry in Blood and just cannot fathom why they would even think this will work. The worst match I had was against two Blood DKs when I was carrying an afk Warrior... I ended up kiting them both for about 6 minutes straight before they finally went down... I was begining to think their plan was to bore me into just dropping out of the match. Blood DK (and any other tank spec) is unfortunately not where it's at for carries unless you enjoy painfully long matches and being kited for miles in all of them. Unholy is and always has been excellent in 2s though. The same thing goes for Frost DKs, and if you ask me why take Unholy over Frost or Blood my answer is the same: Unholy DKs don't even need to be in melee range to DPS you, their dots do half the work for them, and that pressure is a huge problem for classes that rely on keeping distance.

Recommended Addon:

  1. Reflex - I find this useful because it tracks your rating changes, win lose ratios, and will even generate statistic showing which classes are the toughest for you to fight against. Other than this all your standard pvp addons should do: gladiatorlossa, losecontrol, etc.

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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